Professional in Skin, Hair & Laser Aesthetics

Professional in Skin, Hair & Laser Aesthetics

After the solid foundation of the basic course, if you wish to go into the depth of aesthetic medicine & cosmetology, an Professional course would be the correct choice.

This is an Professional course of 4 months long where you would have an experience of advanced knowledge of latest technologies & industry standards.

The course would be in two modules & the first would let you understand the anatomy, physiology, and the science of skin & hair. All about skin & hair conditions, analysis & its treatment makes the course even more interesting. The second module focuses on advanced lasers, exfoliation, different types of peels, Medi - facial, and much more which are essential for skin rejuvenation & tightening.

The introduction and practical knowledge with hands-on experience on high-quality equipment like derma rollers, needling tools, lasers viz ND-YAG LASER, DIODE LASER, etc.

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