Basic in Skin & Laser Aesthetics

Basic in Skin & Laser Aesthetics

This is a beginner's level which is a four months course & 288 hours in duration. In the diploma, you’ll be introduced to the basics of skincare & aesthetic medicine.

The professional Basic certificate course will develop a solid foundation about aesthetic principles and introduces you to the safe practice of highly requested aesthetic treatments for clinical conditions, including skin rejuvenation techniques. The Basic course is divided into 2 modules. The first module would include the theoretical part of aesthetic medicine. You’ll be introduced to the history of cosmetology & the significance of aesthetic medicine.

Along with this, you would be able to understand and identify the skin condition & its treatment.

The second module would include both theoretical & practical knowledge. In this, you would learn about advanced peeling, exfoliation, hands -on experience on FDA-approved high-quality machinery. This also includes the bonus part, i.e. introduction to lasers.

Lasers are the most demanded & applied treatment in the field of aesthetic medicine. We at Cosmedic Skin Institute understand the industry requirements and hence, we want to build a strong foundation for you all. Hence knowing about lasers is quite a prerequisite for aesthetic medicine.

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