Courses available at Cosmedic Skin Institute

Just when you are looking for career opportunities or want to explore the areas in your career, aesthetic medicine turns out to be the best field to explore. Even if you are a medical practitioner or a non-medico, or even a school passed out, aesthetic medicine & cosmetology can be welcomed whole-heartedly.

In this progressive growing era, everyone is concerned about their looks & appearances. To correct their physical features & feel confident about themselves, people are highly inclined towards the certified & well-trained skin specialists.

Cosmedic Skin Institute is a place where without any hassle, you can learn world-class aesthetic medicine & everything about it.

Cosmedic Skin Institute offers courses that not only focus on skincare and beauty but also flood you with in-depth knowledge of skin & hair anatomy & their physiology so that you get to know the science behind the treatments you'll be providing further.

The course is divided into three stages, i.e, Basic, Professional & Advanced. The courses are designed such that along with theoretical education, there would be live practical sessions and get hands-on experience on the latest technologies & machines.

(1). Basic in Skin & Laser Aesthetics

This is a beginner's level which is a four months course & 288 hours in duration. In the Basic, you’ll be introduced to the basics of skincare & aesthetic medicine.

The professional diploma certificate course will develop a solid foundation about aesthetic principles and introduces you to the safe practice of highly requested aesthetic treatments for clinical conditions, including skin rejuvenation techniques, anti-wrinkle injections, and fillers. The diploma course is divided into 2 modules. The first module would include the theoretical part of aesthetic medicine. You’ll be introduced to the history of cosmetology & the significance of aesthetic medicine.

Along with this, you would be able to understand and identify the skin condition & its treatment.

The second module would include both theoretical & practical knowledge. In this, you would learn about advanced peeling, exfoliation, hands-on experience on FDA-approved high-quality machinery. This also includes the bonus part, i.e. introduction to lasers.

Lasers are the most demanded & applied treatment in the field of aesthetic medicine. We at Cosmedic Skin Institute understand the industry requirements and hence, we want to build a strong foundation for y’all. Hence knowing about lasers is quite a prerequisite for aesthetic medicine.

You will receive a certificate by Central Govt. of India, Skills India.

(2). Professional Course in skin, Hair & Laser Aesthetics

After the solid foundation of the Basic course, if you wish to go into the depth of aesthetic medicine & cosmetology, an professional course would be the correct choice.

This is an professional course of 4 months long where you would have an experience of advanced knowledge of latest technologies & industry standards.

The course would be in two modules & the first would let you understand the anatomy, physiology, and the science of skin & hair. All about skin & hair conditions, analysis & its treatment makes the course even more interesting. The second module focuses on advanced lasers, exfoliation, different types of peels, Medi-facial, and much more which are essential for skin rejuvenation & tightening.

The introduction and practical knowledge with hands-on experience on high-quality equipment like derma rollers, needling tools, lasers viz ND-YAG LASER, DIODE LASER, etc.

You will receive a certificate by Central Govt. of India, Skills India.

(3). Advanced in Skin, Hair & Laser Aesthetics

The third stage of cosmetology & aesthetic medicine would be the advanced course wherein you'll be flooded with in-depth knowledge of the forefront technology in aesthetic medicine and dermatology fields. This 2 months course, divided into two modules, will cover all the aspects of advanced laser treatments, skin conditions & treatments, and hair disorders & their treatments. Along with the skin rejuvenation treatments, you'll be exploring the different treatments for hair, skin tightening & even tattoo removals.

A advanced course would enable you to get introduced to the micro-needling processes, injectable, advanced facials, and much more.

You will receive a certificate by Central Govt. of India, Skills India.

Aesthetic medicine has witnessed a booming rise over the past few years. After the completion of the course, you would be a certified skin therapist, skin consultant & and counselor. Job opportunities in cosmetology & aesthetic medicine have grown and will grow to many folds. If beauty & aesthetics captivates you, and skin anatomy & physiology interest you, drive into aesthetic medicine now!

Cosmedic Skin Institute offers offline courses in Surat, Gujarat. For inquiries & detailed information regarding course and curriculum.

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