Career & Job Opportunities

Cosmetology & aesthetic medicine is a growing sector that is opening many career opportunities for young minds and even for those who want to explore the areas of new-age aesthetic medicine.

If aesthetics, beauty & skincare captivates you, you are on the right path. Professional skincare courses are like a feather in your hat as it makes you certified & well-trained skin therapists & professional.
Various skin & hair treatments can be only provided by professionals & not by beauticians or cosmetic nurses.

The course imparts comprehensive professional & vocational training in Facial Skin Care, Cosmetology, Laser Treatments, Aesthetic medicine, knowledge of skin conditions & treatments, hair care & more.

Career / Job Opportunities after the course

After completing the professional skincare course from Cosmedic Skin Institute, you would be able to provide services and start earning immediately. Today everyone wants professional assistance & guidance for skin conditions & treatments.

The government certified course open the field of many opportunities in aesthetic medicine & cosmetology and guides you to become,

- Skin & hair Therapists
- Skin & hair Counselor
- Skin & hair Consultant
- Skin & Hair Specialist
- Skin/Hair Clinic Centre Managers
- Lasers Specialist
- Beauty care professionals
- Beauty Advisors
- Beauty Therapist
- Professionals working with dermatologists in the clinics

What do aesthetic medicine professionals do?
Many people are not satisfied with their appearances & do not feel confident about some spots or scars. During these conditions, cosmetologists or skin therapists help to improve their physical appearance. Improving physical appearances, anti-aging treatments, reducing scars, reconstructing disfigured areas, hair removal & hair transplantation, etc. are a part of medical aesthetics. However, there's an immense demand for improving facial features like chin, lips, or nose and even for anti-aging treatments.

With the increase in the advancement & new-age medical approaches, people working in entertainment, media, or consumer-facing industries are very much reliant on certified skin therapists & consultants for maintaining their facial aesthetics, and they hence contribute to the demand for non-surgical procedures.

If anyone wants to work under the guidance of dermatologists, generally in the clinic, trained aestheticians may perform exfoliation treatments such as microdermabrasion. Medical aestheticians, after completing the required course, working in plastic surgery offices would be able to provide pre-and post-operative skincare for patients.

Job opportunities in aesthetic medicine have witnessed a booming rise from the past few years. If beauty & aesthetics captivates you, and skin anatomy & physiology interest you, drive into aesthetic medicine now!
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