Cosmedic Skin Institute is for men as well.

Not all are satisfied or happy with their own body or features. In that case, skin specialists & aesthetic medicine are the only guiding light for them. It is quite relevant that aesthetic medicine & cosmetology are the biggest growing sectors.

Aesthetic professionals or skin aestheticians are the experts who master skin crafts from head to toe. A professional aesthetician knows how to stimulate his/her client’s skin with non-surgical treatments and nurture it as per their expectations.

‘Beauty industry is for women’ We all must have encountered this phrase many times. But is it so? No! In today’s era, women and men do not hesitate to undergo aesthetic treatments in order to correct their features, look young and attractive. The beauty industry & cosmetology is not biased as per gender & so is becoming skin specialist. Cosmedic Skin Institute encourages you to get trained & become a professional if skin & beauty excites you.

Aesthetic medicine can be practiced by anyone regardless of age and gender.
In the dermatology sector, as per some studies made in 2019, 41% are female doctors & specialists, whereas nearly 58.7% of males contribute towards the skin sector.
Having said that, getting trained & becoming a professional requires your determination & interest, not your gender!

Knowledge is power and with this motto, Cosmedic Skin Institute a cosmetic science that imparts practical & professional knowledge of skin, hair, lasers & cosmetic aesthetics.

Cosmedic Skin Institute offers courses that not only focus on skincare and beauty but also flourishes with in-depth knowledge of skin & hair anatomy, physiology, concerns, and their respective treatments.

The vision of Cosmedic Skin Institute is to spread education & knowledge that guides you to become a skin specialist & aesthetician. Aesthetic medicine has a booming future and once you complete the training, you can be a certified skin therapist, skin consultant & and counselor. Job opportunities in cosmetology & aesthetic medicine are growing to a larger extent.

Even though you are a man, if beauty & aesthetics captivates you, and skin anatomy & physiology interest you, drive into aesthetic medicine now!
We welcome all!

Cosmedic Skin Institute offers offline courses in Surat, Gujarat. For inquiries & detailed information regarding course and curriculum, get in touch with us on or call us on 9313923388