What skills are required to join?

You are here because the beauty & skin industry thrills you! You are in the right space. But with expanding knowledge, you can also be a skin specialist. An aesthetician is a knowledgeable expert with a license to apply skincare remedies to deal with skin problems. Nowadays, people are getting more concerned about their physical features & skin health. Hence, cosmetologists or skin therapists are the solution provider that helps to get the desired treatment. Medical aesthetics include improving physical appearances, anti-ageing treatments, reducing scars, reconstructing disfigured areas, hair removal & hair transplantation, and much more. However, there's an immense demand for improving facial features like chin, lips, or nose and even for anti-ageing treatments.

To become an aesthetician, you must be pondering about the skills you required. Is medical background required? Is the course only for doctors or for those who are about to be a doctor? Do you need to be experienced in the medical field? And the questions wouldn’t stop.
But you require none!
Yes, anyone can pursue the course & can become a skin therapist.
Anyone in the field of medicine & even non-medicos who want to explore new areas can join aesthetic medicine.
If you are 12th passed, you can easily begin your career as an aesthetician.

Cosmedic Skin Institute, at an affordable fee, will prepare you to work as a skin therapist, skin counselor, consultant, and work in clinics with dermatologists. The practical sessions & hands-on experience with new-age technologies by experienced faculties & services make the learning even better & easier.

To join Cosmedic Skin Institute, some basic skillset required are -
- You must be very focused & dedicated
- Concentration is the key
- You must have the urge to learn
- Writing & notes making
- Participation in all the task
Cosmedic Skin Institute offers offline courses in Surat, Gujarat. For inquiries & detailed information regarding course and curriculum, get in touch with us on info@cosmedicskininstitute.com or call us on 9313923388